About Us

About Calvin Skin
Calvin Skin is about the provision of the best in aesthetics to help our customers treat various skin concerns and to achieve perfect complexion. With more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetology field, Calvin Skin understands the struggles of staying gorgeous and retaining Healthy Glowing Skin with concerns on long down time or possible side effects from harsh treatments.

Through years of research and a devoted passion for healthy skin and aesthetics, Calvin Skin has successfully developed their renowned “Calvin Skin 3R Natural Healing Concept” that allows your skin to Refine, Recover, and Reborn! With Calvin Skin tag line: “Do it Right, Stay Pretty” and “Healthy Skin starts with Recover”, we offer wide range of services and products from problematic skin to Aesthetics by using our unique 3R Natural Healing concept, which promise to provide optimal results and satisfaction with minimal downtime or adverse effect.

We’ve built a nurturing environment in-line with our beliefs, combining modern scientific therapies with down-to-earth guidance, in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere. Our unique consultations are more of a conversation, tailored to you. Building a genuine, lasting relationship while understanding your individual skincare needs is at the core of our philosophy. Our natural beauty journey will help you reach the best version of yourself!
Story of Founder
Calvin Skin was Founded by Calvin Chai who has 10 years of experience in Aesthetic Clinic and Dermatology Skin Specialist. He is also an extremely experienced Skin Consultant and Laser Therapist with CIBTAC Diploma and Malaysian Skill Certificate (SKM 1,2 & 3). Calvin was also interviewed by popular Malaysian host Jiang Peipei on Shanghai Celebrity Square and British Publishing House. Calvin Chai is also included in the Encyclopaedia of Malaysia's 100 most successful people. Won the Asia-Pacific TOP Outstanding Brand, and was invited to be interviewed by "Global Business Magazine" magazine.

Starting from humble beginnings, Calvin has expand his services to included Aesthetics Treatment, Skin Treatment, And Laser Treatment designed to recover spots skin problem such as Dark Spots, PIH Mark, Melasma, Freckles, Body Pigments, Marks, Acne Deep Scars, Body/Chest Acne & Scars, Skin Inflammation, Acnes, Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Removal, Skin Allergies, Skin Tags, Warts, Mole, Oilseeds, Bumps, Birthmark and Embroideries service : Hairline Regrow, Eyeliner with Eyelash regrow, Eyebrow and Lips. To date, Calvin has successfully solved more than 5,000 customers with skin problems within 36 months through this exclusive 3R Refine, Recover, Reborn Concept. Calvin Skin believes in Natural Healing rather than relying on quick or temporary treatments to suppress the effects. We have more than 95% satisfied customers who has had their skin issues eliminated.

By stepping into the beauty industry and establishing a new beauty academy, Calvin carries the hope of delivering higher standards of beauty knowledge and concepts to beauty technicians for the good of all customers as well as to prove that beauty treatment is not just a simple set of skills, but a specialized professional technique. The ever-evolving lifestyle changes among many are expected to bring about various skin issues and it is our goal to deliver the right beauty treatments to help everyone achieve beauty from within.
To be the leading trusted skin refining specialist in Malaysia. We strive to set a new standard for delivering effective and reliable treatment of all kinds of beauty and skin concerns to help our clients achieve their desired skin perfection.
We are committed to taking great care of our customers’ skin by providing the safest and most-trusted customized skin refining treatment and exceptional natural healing post-treatment services to bring out the best in you in a secured manner.
Our Core Values
Passion - We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best products. We strive to continuously learn and share our knowledge to inspire passion in others.

Empower - We want to empower our clients to have the best ability in creating something truly special not only for themselves but also for their family or friends.

Integrity - We carry ourselves with high standards of ethics. At Calvin Skin, we believe in being honest and transparent with each other, including our customers.