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I'd faced acne skin problems before and this issue had been a thorn in my skin especially when puberty hits. I have visited other skin care centres and products but it couldn't solve my problem though. Not till I meet Calvin Skin.. A big Thanks to Calvin Skin, the consultant had been giving me advice and suggestions in getting rid of my skin problems. After the treatments, I'd noticed my skin condition has recovered greatly and it seems a lot better than before. Now I'd regain my confidence, big gratitude to Calvin Skin and his team, thank you.
I have been facing acne scar issues since 10-15 years ago. Thus, I tried seeking a skincare product which I can find in the pharmacy (without having knowledge regarding which product is suitable for oily skin). So for the past few years, I had been spending money on products which may not be suitable for me and not getting me closer to my main goal; which is reducing the severity of my acne scar. Until I came across Calvin Skincare on the web, I saw some photos of past customers and I started to feel interested to give my condition a try. So my journey begins with a comprehensive and clear treatment plan provided by Calvin Skincare. The treatment journey was very clear and careful; I felt really confident throughout the recovery as well. After 2-3 sessions, I started to see a different light on my facial conditions and surprisingly the acne scar was no longer that visible (never thought it was possible). Overall, Calvin Skincare provides a treatment plan that put my main goal as the first priority and the products for after care/recovery have been really effective. I really like the service for their transparency and elaborated procedure to give me a clearer view on the possible outcome I can obtain. Also, their products which focus on natural healing provide my skin a chance to look better after 10 years. Would definitely recommend to friends and family
我的脸之前有遇到白斑的问题,状况持续大概有1年多这样,也有遇到爆痘这样的问题。还没有去Calvin Skin Care之前我有试过去普通clinic看过医生这样,这期间白斑问题有好一点,但是效果也不能说很明显,也有去pharmacy问过,涂一些药膏比如类固醇药膏这样但是也一直没有好起来。之后就刚好看到Calvin Skin Care的广告,就想说可以去问看我的白斑问题。之后他们有跟我讲解这个问题,也确实有给我一些适合的方案,做了好几个月treatment之后白斑确实好很多,毕竟所有事情都需要过程,不能expect一次就看到效果,痘痘问题也是好了超级多比起以前, 而且treatment过程中也没有让我用什么类固醇之类的药物。So far来讲,我觉得我对他们的服务是满意的也很安全,做任何treatment前都会先清楚讲解,让你了解清楚再来开始这些治疗。而且,他们的产品确实很棒,至少对我来说是有效的,而且他们也会给你保证,如果用了没有效果也是有warranty的,真的是很棒。他们也会根据你的皮肤状况推荐他们自身的产品,我用了之后皮肤状况真的是改善了很多,也不会像其他的美容店会一直推销你一些你本身就不适合的产品,花钱却没有得到预期的效果,very gooddd~ So, 整体来说我是很推荐Calvin Skin的,有任何皮肤问题可以尝试到他们那里询问求助!

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