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Calvin Skin is about the provision of the best in aesthetics to help our customers treat various skin concerns and to achieve perfect complexion. With more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetology field, Calvin Skin understands the struggles of staying gorgeous and retaining Healthy Glowing Skin with concerns on long down time or possible side effects from harsh treatments.
Calvin Skin 3R Natural Healing Concept
Our one-to-one consultation comes with a comprehensive skin analysis to accurately target skin concerns. Our treatments are customized and prescribed according to your unique skin condition to promote the most effective results.
Our Natural Healing Treatment plans are specifically formulated post treatment skin care recipes (Signature Calvin Skin Care) in combination with closely follow up and monitoring of your skin improvement condition to help accelerate the healing process in order to achieve optimal results with little to no downtime and adverse side effects. We also provide to make sure your skin achieves the optimal result.
After the treatment plan, you’ll find that you’re still you but with a fresher and better complexion! You’ll notice an improvement to your skin condition and watch your confidence get reborn from deep within you through naturally healthy ways without steroids and medical intervention. It’s almost as though you’ve just breathed new life into your skin.
Why Choose Our Skin Care Products
Here are Five Reasons Why
  • Product ingredient are from natural sources
  • Transform Problematic skin to Healthy Glowing Skin
  • 95% Customer satisfaction
  • No Steroids, No Control Medication, No Side Effects
  • Our 3R concept remain the best for your skin (Refine, Recover, Reborn)
Our Testimonials
Skin Specialist That Caters to Your Needs
As a skin specialist in Malaysia, Calvin Skin understands the struggles you face with skin imperfections and how they can impact your life. That is why we work meticulously to provide the best solutions in the form of holistic skin treatments that will help you to achieve a perfect complexion.

The Signature 3 Steps Customized Refining Concept is an exclusive skincare treatment developed by Calvin Skin and is a scientifically proven method to achieve skin that is “Refine, Recover and Reborn”.
With a decade of studies and experience in the medical aesthetic field, all treatments conducted by Calvin Skin are verified with significant results provided through our high-quality skin care and proven dermatological advancements.

Through our detailed consultation and analysis, Calvin Skin will provide therapies that are exclusively designed for your skin to maximize your skin’s health and beauty.
Top Skin Care Treatments Provided by Our Specialists
Here at Calvin Skin, we specialize in treating various skin issues such as sensitive skin, ageing skin, hyper pigmentation, acne-problem skin as well as post-acne scars and blemished skin with our very own signature skin therapies.
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Calvin Skin also caters to those who suffer from sensitive skin and have skin conditions like as eczema or skin dermatitis. We offer gentle yet effective treatments for these skin conditions, such as our Calvin Skin Sensitive Recover Series Skin Care, Calvin Skin Signature 4 Step Baby Bright Treatment and others. Our treatments are especially ideal for sensitive skin as our treatments do not use steroids, require injections or use controlled medications, which are all known to cause unwanted side effects and cause the skin to be thin.
Skin Pigmentation Treatment
If you are concerned about the appearance of hyper pigmentation on your skin, such as dark spots, sun spots and melasma, Calvin Skin provides a pigmentation treatment known as the Signature 4 Steps Pigmentation Refining Treatment. Our pigmentation skin therapy such as Pico Laser Treatment offers a natural and effective solution to treating dark spots and pigmentation on your skin in a safer way compared to traditional laser treatments.
Anti-Aging Skin Treatment
We also have skin therapies for anti-ageing skin, such as our Anti-Ageing Care, which uses our special Calvin Skin Cell Reborn Serum to activate collagen and fibre production. This treatment done by our skin specialist will result in firmer skin, reduced wrinkles and eye bags, as well as more youthful-looking skin.
Acne Skin Treatment
If you are suffering from acne skin and breakouts, our skin specialists provide a unique acne treatment known as the Signature 4 Steps Acne Refining Treatment that aims to heal active acne as well as effectively reduce acne breakouts on your skin. This skin therapy also works to balance and maintain your skin’s oil production and reduce excess sebum.
Acne Scar Treatment
Suffering from post-acne scarring is very common, and most of the time, acne scars can also be permanent. However, our skin specialists provide a solution known as the Acne Scar/Blemish Care Treatment to treat acne scars and blemishes. This skin therapy helps to lighten the appearance of blemishes and dark marks as well as provides ideal skincare for recovery without the need for any laser burns or overlap.
Aesthetic Skin Surgery by Calvin Skin
Calvin Skin also provides aesthetic surgery services done by highly-qualified and experienced aestheticians for our customers who are interested to undergo beauty procedures to further enhance their beauty.
Embroidery Service
The Calvin Embroidery Service is recommended for those who want to build natural eyebrows, lips, hairline and eyeliner. Using the unique 3R concept, you can achieve your desired look without any bleeding, redness and scarring, all with minimal downtime.
Facial Filling Service
We also provide Facial Filling Services using the latest Switzerland Skin Booster Formula that helps to perfect targeted areas such as the forehead, temples, cheeks, laugh lines, lower jaw, lower eyelids and nose bridge.
Double Eyelid Surgery
Calvin Skin also specialises in double eyelid surgery and provides our clients with the safest technique using the Natural Healing Double Eyelid Cutting surgery. Our specialist will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire procedure, from consultation up to your post-surgery aftercare.
Special Formulated Skin Care Products
Other than the services mentioned, Calvin Skin has also developed our own range of skincare products, which we also use in our skin treatments. Our products are free from harmful ingredients and are clinically proven by dermatologists to ensure the safest products as nature intended.
Intensive Moisture Serum
The Calvin Skin Intensive Moisture Serum is an exclusive product developed by skin specialists of Calvin Skin and contains natural red algae extract. It is effective in helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier and keeping your skin hydrated as well as maintaining skin’s elasticity.
Moist Reborn Cleanser
The Calvin Skin Moist Reborn Cleanser contains natural ingredients such as avocado oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil that effectively softens the skin and resists inflammation.
Acne Recover Solution
The Calvin Skin Acne Recover Solution is an exclusively formulated skin care product developed by our skin specialist and contains vitamin B3, salicylic acid and zinc PCA, which work to reduce sebum production and effectively control acne growth.
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